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4/22/14: Quenneville on Toews and Kane (X)


That was my first association reading it too and I don’t watch OUAT either. You basically made them go cold turkey, Q, and at least Swan Queen is like - not feeling murderous at each other anymore? When mostly what we’re getting is islands in the stream.

Kane and Toews were once inseparable for Quenneville. During the Blackhawks’ 2009-10 Stanley Cup season, Kane and Toews shared the ice for 678:42 in 5-on-5 situations, according to The next season they were together for 722:47. 

Over the last couple seasons, Quenneville’s mentality has changed. He’s opted to split them up. Last season, they shared the ice for just 99:41 in 5-on-5 situations. This season, their shared ice time has been 212:53. (x)

(Source: darthtulip)

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